In Our Eyes

Crystals are

Therapeutic Treasures from the Earthly Mother & Heavens, solid formations of Love and Sacred Minerals to aid in the Healing of Energetic, emotional and physical imbalances. 


Quality Crystals & materials from Fair Trade Artisans, is Fundamental to our Sustainability. Our raw Crystal pieces come from a small family owned mine in the USA. As we grow and explore additional sources; we pledge to prioritize ethical business practices and partnerships over profit.

Energy is everything

So we create an environment that matches the Crystal’s elemental vibration. Once in our possession they are cleansed, smudged and stored in glass recycled jars filled with Rose petals, Herbs, Palo Santo, Quartz or Selenite, Some days the Crystals vibe to 432 Hz., Sun gaze or Moonwalk with M.J.

Our Pieces are

Like Sweet Treats For Your Auric Field, Beautiful Gems to help Enhance, Level or ward off a distinctive energy.  Always Original and Natural in style, hand-crafted with much Joy and Sweet Vibes. 

All pieces come in a beautiful sustainable bag with a card outlining the beneficial qualities, use and care instructions.

We give back by

  • Planting trees to conserve biodiversity and help reforestation around the world, find out more here.

  • Donating to the Cheyenne River Youth Project for their innovative development programs servicing the youth in their community ages 4 to 18 on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, USA.

  • Using our platforms to bring awareness on the severity of pollution caused by littering, read more.


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