Clean Oceans, How?

Roadside litter accounts for 53% of trash in the U.S. alone. The majority of it is from materials that the soil just doesn’t know what to do with it, so it just lays there and poisons the soil, pollutes the air when coming in contact with Co2 emissions and kills the Plants and Wildlife. 

There’s an average of 51 billion pieces of trash items along the highways in the U.S., 40-60% is from food and beverage containers and 38% is from tobacco waste alone. Actually, some of Our Trash will outlive Us. Plastic bottles thrown out Your car window will take over 400 years to Decompose and cigarette buds will take over 10 years to Disintegrate, and roughly 80% of that trash ends up in Our Oceans. Littering costs the U.S. roughly $11.5 billion each year, Money that could be spent on the Hungry, Homeless or other Social Efforts. We are losing more Mammals each Day through Littering which is affecting Our Biodiversity. 

Remember The Earth is an Essential Factor in providing Us with Food and to consume Nutritional Produce We must make sure the Environment and Soil are Clean first and Collectively follow thru on Efforts to Help Nourish and Preserve it. We cannot solely rely on Our Government Officials to Improve Our Surroundings and Environment. We All breathe and eat of the Earth so We should All be held Responsible for its Condition. It’s a Collective Effort where Everyone in Each Community Should be Accountable and Should take Active Actions Every Day. Let’s Love Our Self’s enough to Want to Live in a Cleaner and Healthier Environment. If You see any Debris or Trash around Your Neighborhood, Please remember the Effect it has on Our Environment and Your Health in the long haul when not properly disposed of. 

Yes, Mother Earth is mesmerizing with Her Self-Sustaining Eco-system; however, She’s tired of all the Abuse and Neglect. She doesn’t ask for Much but to Grow and Flourish while providing Abundantly for ALL Inhabitants. It can no longer be about Cents but should be Common Sense! We can’t turn a Blind Eye to Litter Anymore, You don’t have to Believe in Climate Change, but please Believe in the Cause and Effect of the Trash surrounded Everywhere around You.

The WORLD needs ALL people to get involved for The Future of Our Health and Well-Being. Educate yourself, You Family members, Friends and Colleagues on the Seriousness and Importance of Respecting and having Compassion for The Earth and ALL of Her inhabitants.

What's the Point in Cleaning Our Oceans if We Can't Keep Our Land Clean!

Some simple yet Effective ways that You can Contribute immediately are, DO NOT LITTER EVER, Reduce the use of plastic and use Re-Usable instead. Use a Trash Bag in Your car, Carry a Key-Chain Pocket Ashtray and dispose of cigarette buds properly. There’s a host of other Tips and Recommendations Online on how to Contribute in and Around Your Home as Well.

The Planet’s Soil has suffered enough and We Hope You'll Stand with Us, No Matter Where You are In The World, in Our Efforts to WASTE LESS, CLEAN-UP, RE-GROW & NURTURE The Earth for Generations To Come.      

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